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Semi-automatic Applicator PVA-50 (for outer valves PLITEK)

Sizes: 660mm x 381mm x 762mm
Productivity: up to 10 packings in a minute
Accuracy of the valve: +/- 0.8mm
Electric connection: 120/240V 60Hz
Compressed air connection: 2.5 CFM (0.07 m3 / мin)

Автоматический аппликатор PVA 130 Automatic Applikator PVA-130

Sizes: 508mm х 406,4mm х 530,2mm;
Productivity: 100 valve minute;
Accuracy of the valve: +/- 0,8mm;
Electric connection: 120/240V 60Hz;
Compressed air connection: 80psi min/14CFM.

Аппликатор TPWL5-7Applikator TPWL5-7

Sizes:380mm х 406mm х 380mm;
Productivity:10-15 beats per minute;
Electric connection:220V 50Hz;
Minimum packet size:64 50mm width with side pleats;
The device is equipped with the necessary work intsrument.

Автоматический аппликатор для зиппера Automatic zipper applicator

Productivity:  up to 80 bags per minute;
The length of zipper package: from 60 to 450 mm.;
film width: to 1200mm;
Electrical connection: 220V;
Electric connection: 1,2 кVт.

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